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  2. Support

    Sydney IP issues

    We are looking into this guys - we will report back. Regards
  3. Superman

    Sydney IP issues

    I've been having lots of problems with Sydney lately as well. It's been intermittent. When it's bad I'm getting slow speeds, pages don't load properly.
  4. AusVpnGuy

    Sydney IP issues

    I 3rd this, Been having erratic speeds and dropouts only from the Sydney server for about a week or more now
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  7. Crosis

    Cant log in netflix

    I don't know if this is necessary for the streaming bundle to work or not, but try disabling the stealth proxy service setting and Direct Connection (no proxy). I have no idea if this would work or not, I just know I had to select the no proxy setting after and update because I was getting poor speeds and that fixed it. I realize this is a wholly different problem, but it's possible it could work and it's worth trying.
  8. Anon 99

    Android network change

    We really need this feature, Connect on application start, and an option to connect on WLAN disconnect, i.e. invert whats already there in the app.
  9. Anon 99

    auto connect vpn on wifi

    Is there anyway to do the opposite? Activate Torguard VPN on WIFI disconnect? Hence mobile data. As my WIFI already has VPN running, So i need it turning on when i leave home/WIFI.
  10. Hi folks, I am trying to get better speed with TG. This is my current situation: Laptop (win10) with i7 6700HQ 2.6GHz AES-NI capable and enabled Speed when connected wireless: 200Mbit down 50Mbit up Speed when using TG client 79-83Mbit down 40Mbit up maxing out one cpu core (i expected my CPU to be capable of much more) So, when I learned that OpenVPN is single threaded I tried TG wireguard servers, assuming this multi thread process will yield higher VPN speeds. To my surprise wireguard speed tops at around 80Mbit too! Does anyone has a clue why it is this way and if there are options I can get better speeds with this hardware? Thank you for your thoughts and input!
  11. Amir

    TG Android Client v1.1.51

    Thank you, I guess the Windows version will be out soon?
  12. Support

    TG Android Client v1.1.51

    == Release v1.1.51, 2019-11-08 Fix "LAN bypass" on Android 10 Internal Changes:- Force usage of new secureconnect.me domains Downloads
  13. Hello ! first time poster here ! i recently upgraded from VDSL to Fiber optic internet with 200Mbit up/down speed, and i thought i should give back to the internet after being a filthy leecher ;/ and decided to purchase 3 months of Torrent Proxy to stay on the safe side with my torrent activity, that said, i am monitoring my web traffic using pihole after configuring SOCK5 proxy on qBitTorrent(used the guide provided on TorGuard), and so far it's been good but i can't help but notice that some trackers are making direct queries instead of going through torguard's ! and i have "Disable connections not supported by proxies" option ticked in qBittorent. ex: https://imgur.com/a/FyyHMAP what should i do ? i don't want to remove those trackers as they're one of the active peer sources. thanks in advance !
  14. Amir

    qBittorrent downloads less than 100kbps

    This guy has great speeds with his Torguard:
  15. Amir

    TorGuard Client v3.96.1

    Admin, please let me know when the next version released. I stopped checking the wbsite everyday. Thank you!
  16. DvS

    qBittorrent downloads less than 100kbps

    @TDog - You should really try to (proof)read and actually comprehending what you write. I am not some spelling or grammar nazi (I swear) nor am I trying to be a D-Bag (that comes naturally) but, trying to figure out WTF you are trying to say or convey gave me a headache. IDK if it is the punctuation, the structures or what exactly but MAN. Again, no offense intended at all, it just bothered me so much I created a forum account just to reply. CheeRs.
  17. With Torguard VPN connected, if I invoke MS Edge and enter anything at all (e.g. Google) in the search window, I get: "Hmmm...can’t reach this page" Any way around this. I have others, as well, but this one seems the most obvious.
  18. xentaur

    Could not block outside DNS-Servers

    Same issue for me. Win 7, Bitdefender AV. The function to block outside DNS Servers is obviously a security measure, otherwise you wouldn't include it. It seems pointless to offer a solution that lessens security by unchecking a box, instead of offering a real solution. I too have not had this problem until the current version. Were previous releases not checking for this? Is it new to the current release? If not, why has the error started appearing now? I've changed nothing in my firewall settings through each release. A proper fix instead of a check-box workaround would be appreciated. Can TG please provide us with more details and what is being done to rectify this? Or, if it actually IS firewall related, what settings need to be updated to ensure TG is giving us the full security we're paying for? Many thanks.
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  20. Amir

    More 10GB servers in Europe

    Please add: Azerbaijan and Armenia
  21. Amir

    German servers slow

    Indeed Germany server speeds has become super great. Even on my medium speed DSL, its fast enough.
  22. Kirsome

    Sydney IP issues

    You're not alone. I've been having problems lately too. Slow speeds and disconnects.
  23. thx for your replies. This fixed the same issue I had with my 200MBit-Cable connection. After switching from TCP to UDP and adding the mentioned lines to the VPN-config, my speed went from 30MBit to 180MBit which is acceptable for me.
  24. miriellx

    Cant log in netflix

    I got the same error and put in a support ticket.
  25. Bean_001

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding on DD-WRT & Dedicated IP

    This is resolved. I didn't realize you had to open ports on the server side as well. Which makes total sense from a security standpoint but I'm still new to VPN's. I'll leave this here for the next newbie to come across.
  26. Ace Mcool

    Cant log in netflix

    It may be (not throwing crap at anything) that the VPN is logged as a work around atr netflix. Put a message in with support, and I am sure it will get resolved Cheers Ace
  27. Nadav

    Cant log in netflix

    Hey, i just purchased the streaming bundle and it gives me an error that i'm using a proxy. i only bought the vpn in order to watch netflix use. so...any ideas?
  28. Dahjer

    trouble with openvpn on raspberry pi

    Having the some issues getting connected with a pi... Tried everything in this thread. When running... sudo openvpn TorGuard.USA-DALLAS.conf I get the following It never completes or moves forward from here.
  29. Here's the setup: ISP Router > Main Router running DD-WRT v3.0 > LAN & a Webserver on port 81. All devices/computers have a static local IP. The VPN is working great on a Dedicated IP. All traffic is going through the VPN as intended. I have zero interest in bypassing the VPN. The problem is that I'm unable to connect to the webserver via the dedicated IP. I can access it fine on the LAN. I've tried Port Forwarding using DD-WRT's GUI as well as iptables in Administration > Commands > Firewall iptables -I FORWARD -i tun1 -p udp -d --dport 81 -j ACCEPT iptables -I FORWARD -i tun1 -p tcp -d --dport 81 -j ACCEPT iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i tun1 -p udp --dport 81 -j DNAT --to-destination iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp --dport 81 -j DNAT --to-destination DD-WRT > Status > Bandwidth shows tun1 so I believe that is correct. I'm not sure what else could be wrong with the above code. UDP probably isn't even needed but I figured it can't hurt to include it for now. Any help would be appreciated.
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