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  2. klepp0906

    10gbit network addon

    So shopping around considering modifying my services and i noticed the premium network option. Does this still provide you with your own server choice? Also can you expect a better download speed and ping? I have a gigabit connection and as you can imagine, it takes a beating on the regular network. Would the 10gbit one make a difference?
  3. figured it out. VPN noob. Didnt realize that some of the planets scum use these for spam, and the ISP has no choice but to block said IP ranges. Users such as myself pay the price. the good news is, i might be potentially forced into paying for a dedicated IP from you guys - so win for you
  4. any word or update on this? couldnt guess how long these things take - but I dont wanna keep high hopes if this is gonna be the new normal. a 20ms difference isnt a lot for some things, but will change the way I use the vpn for sure.
  5. ok - only seems to happen from 1 of my (unfortunately my main) email server. The rest are ok. Some digging online comes up with nada from torguard explicitly but mentions vpn's in general and says i may need you guys to white list the email/isp?
  6. I could swear this was working in the past, any idea what may have changed that is preventing me from being able to send emails through the outlook client when connected?
  7. I received no warning, no BSoD, just reboots. I was unable to use it during my trip. When I returned, I went through old backups and found 0.3.84. That works well. As my message stated, I was looking for links to the archived versions like 3.90 that was working.
  8. Hi Everyone, Is there a way of sharing my VPN connection on MacOS using Open Vpn instead of L2TP?
  9. Last week
  10. Hello, I have my own SOCK5 (Based in Canada) that I want to use to connect with my VPN. I go into my vpn and pick a random server then More Settings > Proxy > Specify custom proxy server. This is where I enter my SOCK5 Details the ip address and port. Now When I save and click connect the vpn never connects and has a red TCP_CONNECT. I am using SOCKS5 that are on the Torguard website.
  11. dilettante

    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Thanks! That worked perfectly.
  12. Hi Mike You can set torguard to start on boot and automatically connect on app start, with the "Block internet when not connected" and "seamless reconnect" options checked it will immediately block access to all apps as soon as it's loaded. Regards
  13. Support

    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Please, open task manager, kill the process torguarddesktopQT.exe and retry the update - it should now work fine. Regards
  14. dilettante

    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Update to 3.94.0fails with message, "Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\VPNetwork LLC\TorGuard\Qt5Core.dll" This is in Windows 10, and I've tried the usual: Shut down and reboot the machine, shut off security software, run the installer as Administrator. No luck. All previous updates ran without a hitch. Any ideas on what is going wrong.
  15. Hi, may I know which ports are open by default on a dedicated ip server?
  16. My existing gateway device is a sonicwall TZ 100 . I want to introduce a DD-WRT device to let a group of computers go out through Torguard. I followed the setup instructions to setup the DD-WRT router.I have connected the WAN port on it to the switch on my existing LAN. The WAN section of the status page on the DD-WRT shows as connected. However i cannot get on the internet. I can't seem to get past the ip of the DD-WRT router. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  18. Joe29042934

    Latest version - Could not connect to the VPN management socket

    Works great again, thanks for the fix
  19. Hello all, I have a Asus RT-86U with merling and torguard VPN. The VPN is connected and i have activated Policy rules (strict). I have only one client going through the VPN and this client is added to the routing rules list. The rest of the clients goes on the normal WAN provider. However none of my android mobile phones can connect to the internet. They are showing as connected to the router, but no net access. Mobile phones with apple device works and all computers works. I did also have this problem with my previous TR-66U so its not router specific. Update: Torguard recommends by default "Accept DNS configuration" set to Strict. This had to be changed to exclusive in order to successfully route android devices outside the VPN tunnel. This still prevents DNS leak for the clients routet through the VPN tunnel. Setting the tab to "relaxed" however will give a DNS leak. I guess if one wants to route also the android mobile phone devices through the VPN tunnel have to change the DNS settings in the phone (apple devices work ok). Regards Oddemann
  20. dingbat9000

    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Updated Torguard... now I get detection failed... am I doing something wrong?
  21. i would think that my pc should not go online until torguard starts and is online. any way to load TG b4 any browser starts?
  22. BronzeCheetah

    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Which Linux systems were used to test the tray icon setting? I am using ubuntu 18.04LTS with the unity desktop and the tray icon shows connection on startup but is invisible in left hand corner of upper taskbar. It does not show up on right hand side with the other icons and calender/time on the upper taskbar.
  23. Either that or just send them directly to sysadmin(at)torguard.net and ref this thread. Regards
  24. Ok, i got them dug up and zipped back up. So to be clear before i do so, you want me to create ANOTHER support ticket about the issue and RE submit the mtrs again?
  25. yea I already submitted them, and someone named "andy" iirc went through them and said that we have to wait it out (on the dc ppl). Ill see if i can dig them back up, if not ill run some more.
  26. Galthepal


    Hi Everyone, I work on behalf of an individual that relies heavily on getting customer reviews. Often, he'll receive a review by email but the client doesn't go the distance and post it on Zillow or anything like that. To date, I've been using the VPN to make my location California and then post the given review from the agent. I don't want to risk his account getting flagged so I've been very careful to not post a review from the same location. What I noticed however is that when I select for example Los Angeles (Asia Optimized), the IP address while changing is always the exact same location on the map. Is there something I can do to safely be able to post the reviews where it looks like it's coming from a different location each time? Thanks!
  27. Klepp - we have had some MTR's from folks, would you care to share your own with me if you are seeing the problem? if you could open a support ticket https://torguard.net/submitticket.php and post your MTR's referencing this topic i will get this submitted to the network guys and the guys at the Dc in question to check them out. Regards
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