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    Stuck on WAIT

    Normally this can happen if we change IP's, you just need to update your DNS cache within the app or it will update when your ISP updates its own cache Regards
  4. Support

    OpenConnect dont work on archlinux

    Hi jds, can you install the new release published today? https://torguard.net/downloads.php Let me know if that works. Regards
  5. Support

    TorGuard Client v3.95.0

    ================================================ TorGuard Release v3.95.0 ================================================ ChangeLog: * All platforms: Add flag for Belarus server * All platforms: Custom MTU for OpenVPN The user can now choose in the settings screen the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) that OpenVPN will use during the connection. * All platforms: Protocol and port for dedicated IP servers When adding a new dedicated IP server, the user can now choose which port and protocol will be available on that server (or "Any" if all protocols or ports will be) * All platforms: Set a new dedicated IP server as default When adding a new dedicated IP server, the user can set it as default. The newly added server will be automatically selected in the Connect screen. * All platforms: Automatic detection of dedicated IP With this update, the user does not need to manually fill the dedicated IP. After the first connection, the Dedicated IP list will be automatically updated. * All platforms: Update warning messages in connection phase If one step in the connection phase is taking too long, a warning message will appear. The warning messages are now updated. * All platforms: Custom scripts crash fixed This fix resolves an issue where TorGuard could crash, if a custom script needs to be killed (for example because the scripts timeout is reached) ================================================ Downloads
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  7. Radd

    Stuck on WAIT

    just wanted to add that I too had similar issues and at about the same time period as everyone else posting here ... it lasted about 3 weeks or so, but now seems almost back to normal ... maybe aliens? ... i dunno
  8. this actually seems like an important issue, therefore this thread shouldn't just die off .... an official comment from TG would be appreciated .... all the VPN in the world ain't gonna save ya when the law come a knockin, but a little bit of prevention will
  9. i assume support is lurking, and im sure its already been ascertained based on the onslaught of posts i found and thus replied/bumped - but just in case im wrong, and to keep everything in one place.. i signed up for the 10g at least partially in attempt to circumvent this issue. It did. My ping is now EXACTLY what it was to chicago on the standard servers. I'm not sure if thats helpful to you guys or the DC guys or whatnot, but evidently something changed in the routing for the vanilla chicago servers, that did not on the 10g chicago server. Perhaps that can help track down the issue. I dont intend to keep the 10g service but id certainly like the ping times to drop back to normal on the non 10g ones.
  10. OpenConnect dont do anything when i select it, only OpenVPN works, when i click on OpenConnect nothing happens, i have ArchLinux updated and the last version of TorGuard v3.94.0 What i need to do to fix it? i see a post from 2017 a person whit the same problem in arch and you send it to the person a fixed install package... Thanks and i hope you can help me, sending a new package or info about what package or modification i need to do in my archlinux.
  11. you can tell if you opened the port properly by starting a download in qbittorrent and watching the status bar on the bottom. if the symbol is red - no bueno. if its orange (it will be at first) but if it stays that way, no bueno. Has to become green. If its green your fully connectable aka ports are open properly. can also go to canyouseeme to check your port, but something has to be connecting to it for it to detect as open so make sure you have torrent running when you do. Also if your not connected to vpn, but your torrent client is open. Need to close it, and re open it after youve connected to the vpn.
  12. oh its certainly not on our end.
  13. I have the same problem and made a post about it as well. Maybe together we can all figure this out? Or like said above, its not on our end.
  14. Hello everyone, First, thank you for reading. I tried working with support, but in the end all their suggestions did not help. So I am now turning to all of you for some info and guidance. To start, I originally had the standard vpn service. Before I switched to the 10Gb premium option, I had the same problems I do now. With the standard vpn service, I typically obtained speeds of 100-120 Mbps down. I tried different local connections (bay area) and I tried all different encryption, both protocols, and both tunnel types openconnect & openvpn. I did not use a proxy and I tested my situation using a "speed torrent" that is a open legal torrent shared to see how connectable / fast you are. Link is here: http://torrent.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/ When not using VPN, I get full saturation of my connection, 400Mbps down consistently. I know I may not hit my full d/l speed when using a vpn, I'm no fool. I do feel however I should be able to obtain better speeds than what I am experiencing now. The issue above is why I switched to the 10Gb premium network. My thought was maybe it was the VPN not being able to provide the speeds it claimed or the servers I was connecting to that are local to me were super saturated. Unfortunately, I experience the same speed issues with the 10Gb network. I communicated with support a few times and I'll post what they said to try below. The suggestions they made did not help me in regards to my speed issue: "What speeds are you seeing over vpn on speedtest.net please, connect using UDP port/auth 995 cipher AES-128-GCM and using tunnel type openconenct for comparison, also do you use socks5 proxy on Qbittorrent before vpn ? Let us know if you have any further questions. Kind Regards TorGuard Advanced Support" "Hi Anthony - speeds can fluctuate on both our service but more so on torrents, it all depends on the quality of the seeds, have you tried tunning the 1bitorrent settings? are you using TCP or UDP? TCP is normally best when using torrents. Kind Regards TorGuard Advanced Support" "You can try open a port, when using a VPN you are not as connectable as without a VPN. Please make the request here from within your account area Services --> My Services --> Manage >> Request Port Forward Before making the request you would normally connect to the location you want and then visit iplocation.net and enter this IP that it shows you, we would suggest doing some speed tests and finding the right server for you first. Once the request is in you will receive a port forward activation email, follow the instruction sent in this to connect to your port forward IP and remember when testing the port, make sure that the software or service is running and using the port you want to open. Kind Regards TorGuard Advanced Support" This last recommendation I did do. But, even after opening a port nothing changed. However, I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to vpn and network characteristics, so I may not be either opening the right port or applying the correct setting to the torguard app or my router (if needed for the open port). If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate your time and comments. Info if needed: Running Windows 10 connection: 400 / 25 Mbps Running torguard desktop software. Not installed on my router at this time Using Qbittorrent
  15. yea i have the same issue. been doing some google searches trying to get a feel for others experience w/ the 10g service relative to the standard. standard I get the 500-600mb that the support rep speaks of. Unfortunately that IP range for the servers close to me are blocked by my ISP for sending emails and theyve also had a 30-40% increase in ping lately for reasons above my paygrade, but that im not confident will be resolved. so ultimately I was willing to sign up for the 10g as a means to "potentially" unblock the isp email, but if not - to provide me with better speed. well the good news is that it did unblock my email, so theres that. it also reduced my ping to EXACTLY what it was on the non 10g servers before whatever happened; happened. (i use the same locale for 10g and non 10g). If torguard hasnt always been so helpful and forward, one would think they began artificially slowing down the standard ping to make the 10g more attractive. Unlikely though as 10g was around long before that began happening afaik. Anyhow - getting off topic. As for speeds. my regular 500-600 (of my 1g line) of which i was totally satisfied with (getting via the non premium servers) is reduced to 200-300mb tops with the premium server. I tried last night and figured id wait till today since it was saturday night, probably heavy traffic. But today at the butt crack of dawn, same thing. At this point, not sure ill keep it. You would think its simply congestion and they need to add more servers per locale (but do they plan to?), and on the other hand, id like to think theres still a ton more traffic per server on the standard relative to the 10g so it has to be something else. In the end, out of my hands
  16. little late but i just signed up to the 10g and am getting half the speeds that I get with the non 10g, same settings. Disappointed. going to check that thread you linked and pray, otherwise ill probably be dropping it obviously. 500-600 non 10g. 200-300 10g. cant understand it unless theyre abysmally overloaded or something.
  17. klepp0906

    10gbit network addon

    oiiiii it did UN block my emails from being sent. so in short - it put my ping back where it was (being honest, not confident whatever changed with the standard servers that tanked it would be fixed) and it gave me an unblocked IP so i can actually send emails again (which wouldnt be fixable persay). all for the cost of some monies, and my throughput taking a fierce nosedive. Cant surmise why being on the 10g premium network would amount to half the throughput but to be fair, my vpn speed is still more than a lot of folks non vpn speed. Still doesnt feel good to pay for all that bandwidth and get ~30% of it. digressing.
  18. klepp0906

    10gbit network addon

    whelp, i bit the bullet. isp blocking ip ranges from sending emails, i figured this was a chance to fix the chicago ping from the shared ips that took a nosedive and maybe just maybe let me send emails again (havent tested that yet). while it did fix the ping issue (my ping is now the same as it was on the chicago shared IPs before whatever happened - happened) my throughput took a nosedive which makes no sense. same encryption. same port. i get a bit less than 300mb out of my gigabit connection. whereas on the normal public chicago vpn i get 500-600. Disappointing, was hoping it would be the one service addon to rule them all. Any ideas why on earth it would not only be slower, but substantially slower when tested back to back vs a standard one?
  19. klepp0906

    10gbit network addon

    So shopping around considering modifying my services and i noticed the premium network option. Does this still provide you with your own server choice? Also can you expect a better download speed and ping? I have a gigabit connection and as you can imagine, it takes a beating on the regular network. Would the 10gbit one make a difference?
  20. figured it out. VPN noob. Didnt realize that some of the planets scum use these for spam, and the ISP has no choice but to block said IP ranges. Users such as myself pay the price. the good news is, i might be potentially forced into paying for a dedicated IP from you guys - so win for you
  21. any word or update on this? couldnt guess how long these things take - but I dont wanna keep high hopes if this is gonna be the new normal. a 20ms difference isnt a lot for some things, but will change the way I use the vpn for sure.
  22. ok - only seems to happen from 1 of my (unfortunately my main) email server. The rest are ok. Some digging online comes up with nada from torguard explicitly but mentions vpn's in general and says i may need you guys to white list the email/isp?
  23. I could swear this was working in the past, any idea what may have changed that is preventing me from being able to send emails through the outlook client when connected?
  24. I received no warning, no BSoD, just reboots. I was unable to use it during my trip. When I returned, I went through old backups and found 0.3.84. That works well. As my message stated, I was looking for links to the archived versions like 3.90 that was working.
  25. Hi Everyone, Is there a way of sharing my VPN connection on MacOS using Open Vpn instead of L2TP?
  26. Hello, I have my own SOCK5 (Based in Canada) that I want to use to connect with my VPN. I go into my vpn and pick a random server then More Settings > Proxy > Specify custom proxy server. This is where I enter my SOCK5 Details the ip address and port. Now When I save and click connect the vpn never connects and has a red TCP_CONNECT. I am using SOCKS5 that are on the Torguard website.
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    TorGuard Client v3.94.0

    Thanks! That worked perfectly.
  29. Hi Mike You can set torguard to start on boot and automatically connect on app start, with the "Block internet when not connected" and "seamless reconnect" options checked it will immediately block access to all apps as soon as it's loaded. Regards
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