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  3. otto38dd

    Looking for China Users

    Hi, Still need testing for China, I have just been assigned here and access many different types of restricted networks. Never been able to get the TorGuard client to work, but AnyConnect worked well. Unfortunately, Cisco has now blocked access to download the AnyConnect client so really want to try new stuff. Thanks,
  4. RyDze


    There are VERY few VPN's which work with netflix without having to purchase a residential IP, Yes there are a couple which work with Netflix but they can be unreliable at best as Netflix constantly Adds the IP's to a blacklist. 9/10 do not work with netflix without having to purchase a dedicated/Residential IP. Without purchasing a Dedicated/Residential IP to access Netflix it is simply unreliable as netflix has 99% of VPN ip's on the blacklist so to get netflix to work a VPN has to use a FRESH ip which is not blacklisted yet which is not easy. The only Reliable way to watch Netflix now "from any Vpn" is to get a Residential Streaming IP. That being said some VPN's may occasionally work "unreliably" with netflix without having to do this but again it is unreliable and there is constant downtime as Ip's get constantly blacklisted. Technically Torguard may be able to Add a Netflix Streaming server for everyone to use but i am sure they have not done this simply because it is not viable... The servers IP would just get blacklisted and stop working and they would constantly have to add new Fresh Ip's to keep it working which would be a large financial drain and users would complain about the downtime everytime it stopped working it is simply not Viable. The most Viable way to stream Netflix with a VPN is to get a residential IP Addon to stream it and As far as i know "only" you would be using that ip so it should not get blacklisted which makes this method more reliable and viable. Torguard is by Far the best VPN in terms of Privacy/Support/Reliability/Options/Price , Basically everything about Torguard is positive.
  5. tjtrform


    Why would I need to do that?
  6. Arkador

    Proxy issues while torrenting.

    This was working for me before the weekend, but now it is not. Disabling Socks5 gets everything working, but leaves me unprotected. This only fails to work when I enable Socks5. I have tried 1080, 1085, and 1090, as well as proxy.torguard.org and at least 5 different IPs from different locations. The only change is that uTorrent autoupdated to 3.5.5 build 45341
  7. Earlier
  8. can anyone please give me the info about setting of Torgaurd VPN for my Xiaomi router? thanks.
  9. DMckillin

    Proxy issues while torrenting.

    Got this fixed now by the way! not sure what the issue was exactly. Ended up changing my TCP port to lower number, i was using like 40,000 something. And changed the proxy host to one from canada instead of using the proxy.torguard one. and somehow it magically works now. As well as looking into different login credentials with the help of support. Random issue resolved though so yay!! Can mark closed now. thanks again!
  10. uk_hardcore2003

    Can't connect to Asian servers

    Hello, Thank you for replying. I received support through live chat a week ago and the problem is now solved. I fixed it by restoring default settings.
  11. DMckillin

    Proxy issues while torrenting.

    I also noticed it only started a few days ago, approx when my account subscription was supposed to run out. Though i paid for renewal is it possible that it says Active but its not actually active on my account? My torrents worked fine a few days ago then all the suddent it stopped working with proxy settings on.
  12. Support

    Can't connect to Asian servers

    Hi - can i ask that you do the following so we can make sure you start fresh. 1) Delete the following folder >> C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VPNetworkLLC renaming "user" to your OS account name. 2) Open Regedit and delete the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VPNetworkLLC 3) Reboot (important) and then re-download and install the latest build from here https://torguard.net/downloads.php
  13. What version of the TG app are you running there? did you try using AES-128-GCM on different ports? NordVPN I believe use IPSec only on some devices, we use OpenVPN which in our eyes is far more secure - don't forget that your FireStick does not have the best CPU either so streaming at 4K using high encryption will take its toll on the CPU.
  14. It might be that those mail services changed there way in terms of security - saying that if you are using shared VPN IP's there's always the possibility that someone else has used that IP to abuse the service in some way - i would advise on buying a dedicated IP that you know has not been abused before. Regards
  15. Support

    Proxy issues while torrenting.

    Please also bear in mind the SOCKS5 protocol does not support port forwarding, so if you use trackerless torrents, you might need to have DHT enabled.
  16. Hi there, as the title mentions im having some issues with proxy service, all torrents are stuck at Downloading Metadata but never get past that. Im using the proxy.torguard.org for sock5 hostname, and Sock5 ports 1080/1085/1090. In past changing the ports often fixed this issue. However today i tried changing that and nothing helped. Tried resetting modems/routers. I use Qbittorent, i also tried on utorrent and having exact same issue. Any ideas on what else i can try? or is there a issue with a proxy service today? P.S. If i disable proxy the torrents load perfectly fine. So its only when i have proxy enabled.
  17. My webmail accounts for GMX.com and for Mail.com are continuously forcing me to change my password claiming "suspicious behavior". I am using the torguard client and I attached a capture of my settings. I'll have webmail open and suddenly be logged out, or get an email saying "Change your password now" when I try to log in next time it forces a password change. This happens 10-20 times per day and its driving me crazy! Mail.com and GMX.com tech support say that this is an automatic security feature and cannot be disabled. They said it is likely a result of the use of a VPN or a proxy service and there is nothing they can do. its particularly frustrating because I have used torguard and both email accounts for years and this problem has only started recently, like a month ago. I have changed nothing it just started happening. Has anyone seen this issue or had similar problems and is there a fix? Thank you in advance!
  18. Hello, I'm wondering when a more dedicated streamlined app will be updated for the Amazon Firestick.. I have a dedicated streaming IP (Chicago server) and sometimes my speeds vary greatly using the 4K Firestick and the Torgaurd app, where it will pause my streaming content quite frequently .. If I turn off the vpn I can get speeds around 275ish (I have gigabit internet) with vpn on I get 60 to 70 ish with my Dedicated streaming IP .. which would be fine, but I think the Torguard app is causing resource issues on the 4k Stick that might be causing pauses while streaming in different applications.. (maybe because all the updates the fire stick gets to the os) Never happened with the Nord vpn App (their application was designed specifically for the Fire Stick and its updated frequently, though in my opinion, Torguard has the better service) When can we expect more frequent updates to Amazon Fire Stick App and Android in general? Thanks!
  19. uk_hardcore2003

    Can't connect to Asian servers

    I was running client v.3.95 and am now running v3.96.1. I can connect to US and European servers without any problems. However, I cannot connect to Asian servers, including Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. I also tried Australia and that failed. When I try to connect to those servers, the client becomes stuck in a wait/reconnect loop. In particular, I would like to connect to the Japanese server. Can anyone suggest a solution? My connection settings are: UDP AES-128-GCM SHA256 Yes/ v1.2
  20. @Anon101 Sorry for replying so late, I didn't see your comment back when I originally started this topic and basically thought I had no other options than to get a better server. Well it's been a while, and I've come to the conclusion that I want to replace my server anyway because its performance just can't keep up with my demands. I will do my own build and do it right this time so that it will hopefully last for a long time. I already have the case which was the hardest part for me, now I'm looking for the proper components. I believe the Apollo Lake or Gemini Lake chips serve the best combination of low power consumption and performance without breaking my budget. Fortunately, a friend of mine has just gifted me his old Raspberry Pi B so if you have any tips or can direct me to resources for setting it up as a VPN access point it would be very much appreciated.
  21. Many thanks for adding this great feature! I would really like to see my phone connecting to unsecure WI-FIs only using TorGuard. What I really miss though, is an arm switch. In order to get it to work I have to establish a connection to TorGuard. Just turning it on in the settings has no effect unless I actually connect to TorGuard first. But this is not possible if I’m on a secure WI-FI or on a cellular network. I would get one of the following messages: “You’re on a secure network. Remove this WI-FI from secure networks?” “You’re on a cellular network. You can turn off the WI-FI only option in the settings” This means, that I can only arm this feature if I’m already on an unsecure network. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Is there a workaround known?
  22. When testing the "Check My Torrent IP Tool" Deluge shows this: Tracker Status: Error: Host not found (authoritative). Resulting in the "Check My Torrent IP Tool" site never updating. I'm using Deluge with socks5. Other torrents works perfectly, it's just the tracker that's giving me problems.
  23. Atlantic Canada maybe Halifax or Moncton areas Thinking it might even attract more customers...as none of major providers seem to offer that.....I've been looking. I'm somewhat pleased with my speeds......but without divulging my location.....I'm quite a distance from nearest server....New York and New Jersey are noticeably faster than Toronto for me. I get speeds about 15% of my gb isp service. It works....but if anyone ever offers anything closer.....I'll be among 1st to try it.
  24. Please add Georgia and Azerbaijan. ExpressVPN has these two. Why not Torguard? Thanks.
  25. Amir

    TorGuard Client v3.96.1

    When the new UI for Windows will be released? I read on Twitter that it will be released very soon.
  26. Mackintosh

    New server location suggestions

    +1 for Montreal , Canada
  27. Esoteric

    Not Really a Question...

    You know, often times people can be quick to complain but silent in the presence of great work So I appreciate this thread you started and I can add that my experience with TG has really been excellent. Good speeds, good reliability, good selection of servers/regions, hassle-free, and I noticed they even increased the number of simultaneous logins to 8 (it was 5 when I signed up) for no extra charge. They act like they really want you to use what you are buying. The one and only support ticket I opened had a professional and useful response in *three minutes flat* which is most impressive; follow-up replies had similar timeframes. My own Internet service is also 100mbit/s and I've definitely put metric tons of data (many many gigabytes) through the VPN with no throttling or anything of the sort. Everything about TorGuard is at least as good as advertised and I really am satisfied. If it does get to their heads that's ok, they'll get past that. I don't mind applauding excellence. I don't usually make "me too" posts but this one was warranted.
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