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If I just use torguard on a virtual machine, and not for my regular traffic, do I still select openvpn as the program in the first rule or do I choose the torguard client program ?

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I have followed your tutorial but I have some queries.
I am using the following software on my server :
Emule,QBtorrent, Desktop remote,Teamview,Plex
I asked Torguard to open port so I have a static IP.
I set Torguard to arm killswitch and I select interface ethernet 
This setting is a pain. If the vpn is disconnect I can use remote desktop because ethernet card is off but at least I thought it was safe.
Unfortunately I came accross a problem with Torguard client.  One day It has been shutting down without notice. 
Emule passed to use ethernet instead ethernet 2 (VPN) So I was exposed    
1)By using this tutorial I dont need to arm killswitch ?But maybe it can be a good idea use app kill on Torguard and in another app like VPNwatcher to add security
2)Qtorrent doesnt need that because it use always ethernet 2 ?
3)should we create rules on inbound as well?
4)I allow Remote Desktop and Plex  private and public .is it correct? In this way I should able to use them anyway or it is better for Plex uses the vpn?
5)Because I have a static Ip Can i set the firewall to use just this IP VPN for emule and qbtorrent?

I allowed openconnect.exe,openvpn.exe and Torguard desktop  correct?

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This procedure seems to be a system level shutdown if you lose your vpn.  How can just shut down one application if lose lose  vpn, besides using the torguard built in kill switch and tying your tap 9 in vuze to torguard.  Although I would not disable those features  I'm looking for redundancy fail safe for just my bit torrent client and not shutting down all access to the internet/

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