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Do TorGuard VPN config files "expire"?

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I've had VPN service through TorGuard since 2012, and I use the VPN on my MacBook Pro (using Tunnelblick) and iOS devices (using the OpenVPN app). I typically use around a dozen of the connection configuration files to connect via my preferred IP locations — including Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and the US.


Over the years I've used TorGuard, it's happened a few times that suddenly my set connections just stop working on my devices, i.e. they continually loop through the process of authorizing, getting configuration, assigning IP address, connecting, and disconnecting.


The only reliable fix I've found for this problem is to log into TorGuard, re-download the configuration files, install them on my Mac and iOS devices, and save my username and password to each of the locations I plan to use. This isn't such a headache to do on my Mac, since I use the service regularly and it's not too time consuming to fix on a computer with a full keyboard and easy app switching. However, it's always a pain to discover on my iOS devices, because I generally find the problem while I'm traveling and it's more time consuming to fix.


My question is, does TorGuard periodically expire the VPN locations and replace them with new ones? And if this is the case, does this happen on a regular (predictable) basis, so I can plan to update my config files? If it's not on a regular basis, does TorGuard announce these changes somehow (i.e. through email, an announcement on the website, etc.), so I can find out about them and avoid an unpleasant surprise?


I'd really appreciate any information anyone can offer. Thanks in advance!

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Hello Vmars


Apologies for the recent changes, which would have affected users on Viscosity or using the regular openvpn configs (which have now since been updated) - we had 3 locations using a different config structure, we had to switch these to match all the locations for our future DNS changes.


Now that these are done, these will never change now and so you won't find this issue again.



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