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UK Channel 4 On Demand

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I would like to watch some catch-up episodes of UK's Channel 4.

I am not in the UK.

When I use Torguard VPN on my PC, I VPN to the UK thinking that it will 'just work'.

However, I get a message in the integrated player telling me that it thinks I am running an adblocker and therefore will not work. I am not running an adblocker as an extension. I am only using Torguard.

When I try on my mobile on mobile network (not wifi) using Torguard VPN - again to UK, the "All 4" app is very sluggish and never gets a stream.

The only solution I've found that works is to use a UK-based DNS and apply that to my PC or phone. This is not my preferred solution as it is more insecure.

I thought Torguard would be my way forward, but I am being frustrated.

Any clues or alternatives please?


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Old post but the same problem still exists. Is there a way around it?


I am on Windows 10 and tried using the UK proxy server with the Chrome Torguard VPN extension to access Channel 4.

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you are going to need UK streaming IP, I just try with the one in app and that is not working it tell me I am not in the UK but there is no problem with my streaming

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