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Being blocked from Netflix - different than the usual issue being posted

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Keith 10

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Keith 10

I am having an issue being blocked from Netflix. Unlike most users here who seem to be trying to run Torguard to get around geographical restrictions of Netflix I am in the states and get everything I want even when not using Torguard.


So, technically I can just switch off Torguard and watch Netflix but I simply don't want my location or true IP address being known for general reasons of security.


I was told after being on Chat and taking a number of steps that it was "impossible" (quotation) that I was still being blocked from Netflix.  This made me concerned anew that I am truly anonymous using Torguard even when they promise me that it is absolutely not possible to NOT be anonymous.


Here is why: I have received 2 separate copyright infringement notifications from my ISP in the last two months even though I am ALWAYS using Torguard when I torrent.  How could this be? This is actually my principle area of concern at this moment: AM I TRULY ANONYMOUS WHEN THEY SAY I AM?


PS: When I asked the tech helping me through chat where the forums were it was like he didn't even know what I was talking about. I found that weird too.

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Hello Keith


Can i ask how you are connecting to the VPN and what software you are using to do so ?


Then we can take it from there.



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