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Mint Rosa 17.3 x64 xfce prob

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So, I just got Mint Rosa 17.3 xfce x64 installed. I also installed your version of ubuntu V0.3.46 client. It shows up and it seems the install was correct.


I am a paid customer.


However, when I try to log in, FIRST, it never asks me my username or email credentials. All it does is ask me a password. I know my password to TG. It's NOT wrong. It works just fine in Windows on my Windows TG client.


So, how come the Ubuntu client even ask me my password when it doesn't even know my 'username' and never even asked what my username is?


That's why the pw does not work. That's not a question, it's rhetorical. When I try to get on TG it only asks me my password and it's wrong - even though it's right.


Somebody, anybody?

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It sounds like this is your OS user account password to allow the TG Client to makes changes, its not your TG VPN service user/pass.



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