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Anyone else having trouble?

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I am having issues on multiple machines, multiple networks and I cannot get anything to work correctly.


My main issue seems to be:

Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: cipher final failed


I have tried using 160bit Blowfish and AES 256 bit ciphers.


I have also tried using the torguard client, a standard openvpn client (using .ovpn provided by torguard), and even a CLI on freebsd.  Anyone else having similar problems?




So I have continued messing around with IP addresses and different ones kept failing, but I noticed that the torguard android app seemed to connect without issue.  I snagged the IP address that the app used, tossed this into my .ovpn files, and all my devices have successfully connected... for the time being.

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Are you still having these problems ? going by the error it looks like you have the wrong cipher selected for whats expected by the server.


Let us know if you managed to find the cause.



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