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Mazda 3 Skyactiv 2014

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Hi Guys,


I am omar.

I know this is off topic, but who likes the new mazda 3 skyactiv 2014?


Petrol or diesel? Any info is appreciated!!2014-Mazda3-Sedan-Rear-7-8-Left-Studio-6


Mazda got bio platic in it.

I am so thrilled with whole skyactiv approach.


And I wont even mention my love for japanese cars.


Its not VPN I know, but I hope there are some car lovers out there! Lets hear you out!!!


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but have you considered this:

1) diesel is pricier to service

2) pricier when you buy it and it doesnt pay back if you dont do enough miles yearly

3) more parts (2 turbos in skyactiv mazda) that can brake down

4) diesel's got DPF filter, that if you like to drive slow in the city is nothing but trouble

5) petrol is more simple engine, less stuff that can go wrong

6) 8.1s vs. 8.9s in the favour of diesel, is it really worth it all of the above mentioned?


hi autonomous, nice to meet you man! :)

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