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Can't access VPN machine

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Hi all,

I've installed Viscosity on a spare laptop hoping to redirect anything i want to do through VPN to that machine.  The problem is once the laptop is connected to the VPN I can no longer access that machine anymore from within my local network.  Is it possible to make it so I can remote desktop to that computer still or access one of its web services running on a certain port once it's connected to a VPN server?

I wanted to leave this machine running 24/7 as just assign things to it or remote in from other machines

Any help would be appreciated thanks

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Connect to the VPN, look for the Network and Sharing Centre in your system's Control Panel, then look for the *View You Active Networks* title and under that should be your internet connection with either a Public, Home or Work link. Click on that link and ensure you're using a Home network, and then all you should have to do is take into account that the VPN will be providing your connected device a local 10. address, and you should be able to interact with the rest of the local network. I hope this helps!



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