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MikroTik/RouterOS & OpenVPN?

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I made the (potential) mistake of buying a MikroTik Router (MikroTik CRS125-24G-1S-IN) without doing much more research than it gets good reviews.


It's been a painful experience trying to learn how to configure it, and I've now got to the point where I'm trying to get OpenVPN set-up for all internet bound traffic.


The most helpful Guide I've seen is from HideMyAss on YouTube that basically does exactly what I'm trying to do. They import 2x crt file and 1x key file.

I've imported the ca.crt and set-up the rest, but I get a "TLS Failed" error whenever I try to use the certificate. Some goggling implies I'm missing a key and/or crt file - not surprising, since I didn't import a key file.


Are there additional crt files and a key file that i need to use?



Is there a guide on how to set-up a MikroTik/RouterOS device with TorGuard OpenVPN?


If not, a "What to do differently" in comparison to the HMA one would be good.



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Andy from TorGuard Advanced Support has been extremely helpful and provided me with additional user.crt, user.csr and user.key files, and I no longer get the TLS Failed error, however I am still unable to connect to the internet when its running.


As I mentioned previously, I've been following the HMA YouTube guide (6k_OyuLSnek).

Does anyone know what to do differently?


I've used the user.crt certificate instead of the ca.crt certificates (as the ca.crt doesn't appear to work with TorGuard servers), and my local IP range is 172 instead of 192, but other than that I think I've followed it correctly.

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