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VPN-connects / reconnect on / of and Captcha problem

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My TG VPN is unstable. I am using the Amsterdam Stealth server in Windows 10

which gives a pop up screen each 10 minuts (connecting) - reconnecting.


I also have a problem with the Captcha each time i want to login to the client area.

This is due to the instable connection right?


If I change the server would this be a option....



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I catch some logs as folows ....



Ñнв 27 08:46:54: Notified TAP-Windows driver to set a DHCP IP/netmask of on interface {E5F3A129-F3B3-4505-8121-285332F672F4} [DHCP-serv:, lease-time: 31536000]
Ñнв 27 08:46:54: Successful ARP Flush on interface [23] {E5F3A129-F3B3-4505-8121-285332F672F4}
Ñнв 27 08:46:59: Initialization Sequence Completed
Ñнв 27 08:47:00: State changed to Connected
Ñнв 27 10:16:18: [TG-OVPN-CA] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting
Ñнв 27 10:16:18: SIGUSR1[soft,ping-restart] received, process restarting
Ñнв 27 10:16:18: State changed to Connecting


Is that means just inactivity-offline of server-IP, and so its reconnecting? Current server in this case Frankfurt-LeaseWeb's. Going inform the support.


Also as I know, if that true, at the present time going some work about updates, bandwidth expansion at certain servers, specifically this Frankfurt IP, as support said me.


Edit: Looks like I've fixed reconnects-drops, bringing back built-in NIC of MB and more stable Of Modems and Men OpenWRT firmware, this firmware - mr3420-v2-lite-318-MW2015-03-14 here http://ofmodemsandmen.com/downloadsm.html, previous was MultiWeb Special here http://ofmodemsandmen.com/downloadsp.html, right now this problem didn't seen, still watching.

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