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DNS and SmartDNS support query

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Hi there.need ur advice.my home setup.one router connected directly to my cable modem. Using Wi-Fi connected to my Android hhandset.my plan is for 100Mbps.on Wi-Fi.i normally get are 25-30Mbps.on dynamic IP and DNS auto assigned by my ISP.First question.i see that u do have ur own DNS servers. Do I need to change my DNS in my router instead of using my ISP or shd I change them to google DNS

Second question.do u all still provide smartDNS? I can find ur guide by I can't find in "my service". Lastly,do u provide proxy extension support for Android devices? I using Firefox and opera browser on my handset.

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1. You can override DNS with TG's DNS not only in the router, also in OS-Win. I myself using DNSCrypt in conjunction of BIND, not quite this TG's DNS-servers, i.e. setting up DNSCrypt's address in BIND's config.

2. As desk told me in ticket SmartDNS would be enter maybe in march.

3. Affraid proxy extension is not provided, I think only VPN Android extension.

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