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Working my way through VPN options on serves and capabilities, and hit a major snag in my personal eval.

Signed up, paid for 6 months, confirmation, username and password, then downloaded off the common site, v0.3.40 of the TorGuard UI.  Expected login screen, and first oddity.  The login page wouldn't allow me to save my credentials.  Just to test this, I logged out, then back in, and had to manually input mu credentials n passwords once again.  Switched servers, and it requires me to manually log into each server, and would not allow the "remember Credentials" box to be marked.  Fire separate server changes later, I'm connived v0.3.40 will not allow me to save my credentials, requiring manual input every single time.


Furthermore, any of the options listed, killswitch list, start on OS start, start minimized, etc, none of the check-marked boxes would acknowledge an attempt to activate them.  Attempt to check thie box, nothing happens, and I'm left with the most basic functioning VPN I've yet paid for.  Unless there's an instruction manual I haven't found over a hour searching, going back to Nordvpn till I get someone thing akin to an answer.


Thanks for you help, just very frustrated attempting to find a solution myself.

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Hello, are you using the "classic theme" by chance ? if so please switch to the aero theme, it will fix your issue, we are fixing the classic theme issues.



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Yep... Classic theme, as I loath the continued... whatever designs they make up.  Personal preference in minimalism, where I can do the most work without fluff and distraction.  Am pleased by the quick response and first point solution you tossed at me, which actually worked straight up.


Thank you

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