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Bizzare issue with XboxOne on same router as VPN pc

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Okay so I have no idea why this is happening but the tech support staff couldn't solve it for me; just worked around it.  Not very supportive imo... but not here to complain.

I have on the same router, an Ubuntu machine running the VPN connection with a forwarded public port for torrent traffic.  Only the Ubuntu machine connects to the VPN.
Another device on the same router, an XboxOne--is only able to connect with open NAT when the VPN connection on the Ubuntu PC, is turned off.

Soon as it turns on, voicechat, html images and scripts crap out, but the Xbox will connect to the internet still though limited.
What I don't understand, is how a VPN connection on a pc somehow blocks ports on a completely different device?!

I thought it might just be lag from when it's active, but no it blocks the other ports completely and only on the xbox.  Two other pcs on the network running windows have no issues, nor do any phones on the same network... just the Xbox.
I did find an article on the web about a known issue with XboxOne and the low power shutdown somehow screwing up UPnP on most routers, but still don't see how that is the cause when the ports for the Ubuntu Machine is forwarded manually, with or without UPnP enabled, this seems to happen.... unless I disconnect from the vpn on the pc.

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