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No network/internet after sleep mode: SOLVED

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Here's how I fixed this in case anyone else has the same problem.


My power went out at home overnight and when my Win 10 PC rebooted I couldn't connect to the internet. The network adapter was functioning but locked-out somehow. Viscosity wouldn't work either.



After repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling viscosity and changing the DNS on advice of Torguard chat support, all to no avail, I remembered that the old Torguard VPN Lite client used to lockout the internet sometimes when the PC woke from sleep.




* Uninstall Viscosity,


* Restart the PC


* Install Torguard VPN Lite 


* Connect to the last server you were on with Viscosity (try any server if you can't remember)


This got my internet going again, with the network icon in my taskbar showing clear (No yellow triangle with exclamation point)


*Finally, uninstall the Lite client, restart your computer then reinstall Viscosity. (This Viscosity lock-out was a pain in the ass, but the Lite client tends drop connections a lot, for me anyway -- Having them both installed at the same time doesn't work.)


I Hope this solution saves you the time I wasted. Good Luck! 



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Hello there, thanks for posting this info - that’s a bit of a strange problem you had there, the following command from terminal might have solved your problem without all the hassle:


route -n flush


Running that a couple of times and restarting your networking.


TG Client and TG Viscosity wont run at the same time as both are named the same, Tg Client should not disconnect though, what version where you running ?



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