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Are my speeds normal?

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Mr. Zurkon


I was using PIA but recently their speeds took a massive turn for the worst, so I thought why not give torguard a shot. I've heard nice thing about this VPN - plus good customer service. I've only had torguard for maybe 2 days (?) and I noticed a large increase in my speeds, even when using overseas servers. It just makes me wonder if my connection is even being routed properly. With PIA I was getting around 250 ping and 0.5 - 1mb/s when connecting the the netherlands server. below are my results from torguard on the netherlands (amsterdam) server.








- I had a speed spike which went up to 27 mb/s down and 5 up which is what prompted me to post this.


With no vpn my speeds average around 85mb/s down and 10mb/s up

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We are always adding servers when needed, NL had a bit of an upgrade recently too, we upgraded both hardware and port speeds.


If your IP shows as one of ours when connected to VPN (which it looks like it is) then your certainly being routed correctly through the VPN.


Best Regards

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