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Trying to use PPTP and Belkin N150 Router...Help?

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So, I can set the following options to use PPTP via this Belkin Router, but have yet to be succesful at all. Note, this router is actually the 2nd one on my network and I am trying to make it the "VPN Router" so that anyone using it will be on VPN and can use the other router when they dont need it.


PPTP Account > PPTP Password > Retype Password > Host Name > Service Address > IP Address Assignment > My IP Address > My Subnet Mask > Default Gateway > Connection ID (optional) >


Any ideas on what I should be filling out in these fields? I have tried any and every combo I could think of. Also worth noting that if the address entered (like gateway) is not valid, my router will not let me proceed.

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PPTP Account = Enter your TG Username

PPTP Password = Enter your TG Password

Host Name = Leave Blank

Service Address = enter PPTP IP Address, ping one of the hostnames under My Servers to get an IP Address.

Connection ID = 0


Let me know if that works for you.

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