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How some forums and torrent tracker know that I to use VPN?

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How  some forums and torrent tracker know that I to use VPN?

It happened to me that I was banned from one torrent tracker because I used VPN... all IP addresses that from torguard this torrent tracker recognized that is not my real IP address, and persistently sought to me that I log once from right address, Of course I did not agree to give them real ip...
The same situation so with some forums...
Screenshot for forum that I wanted today register:

I test my DNS Leak via http://torguard.net/vpn-dns-leak-test.phpand https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ and it shows that everything is OK...I also have WebRTC disabled

I do not know why all my torguard address some web  sites detected as spam,it is normal that becaose some web pages used advanced protection?

Sorry for bad Eneglish


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Hello, on occasion some users use bots for fake registrations on forums for spamming and other such activities when using the vpn - these are normally reported to lists such as stopforumspam etc and then when a normal user tries to register on these forums that have a plugin that checks these lists it will block the IP, no one knows you are using a vpn, your just using an IP that was used for these activities in the past, all IP's are shared by many users.


Some trackers require the same IP you login to the website with to be the same IP you use for torrenting, if it keeps changing they normally ban.



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Thanks... still for me TORGUARD is the best VPN, if you mean to doubt in your work :) I am satisfied with your services that I use for several years :)

Just continue do a good job :)

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