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DNS Leaks despite using torguard dns

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First I will say that even though I have tried and dedicated many hours to educated myself on these things; I know just enough about VPN and such to still be considered stupid.....


I am not sure if my probelm is called a DNS leak, but what ever the heck it is called it makes me really really mad.....

I am Super Angry.....


I chose to go to a third party place to test my IP protection, "Trust But Verify" somewhere else than where I purchased VPN.....What I found was that My Ip address "Was" protectected - BUT THEY HAD MY "OS INFO", MY DAMN "BROWSER INFO", AND EVEN THE "SCREEN RESOULTION ON MY MACHINE". How is that???????


I have to say that when I saw that Info leaked I became raging mad..... I still am....


I was given by live support these sever numbers and instructions to add those but after I did as instructed, it STILL LEAKED THAT INFO. Isn't being on a "Stealth" server which is what I use on Torguard suppost to protect me from that????


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Hi StarRider


As the previous user already mentioned - this info is not a leak, it’s not personally identifiable information.



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