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Be aware when VPN is drop

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I used TG Pro software. My problem is when connection drop, TG software should show the message that VPN disconnected or somethings like that. I though problem was reconnect option and disable it. I am very confused now. Because software sometimes show the message that TG is dc and sometime don't. Reconnect option is disable but not working!!! I reinstall program, disable firewall and ....but can't find the solution. it's important for me because i use Kill Switch option. When software showing the message Kill Switch works truly, otherwise its not working. someone can help?

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Yah so it's easy then. Do you know your VPN's IP?


If so you want to first connect to your VPN then open up the command promt and then delete the default routing entry.



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Yes so next add your VPN's IP to specically let your computer know that the internet can be accessed using that IP.


Then when you are done using your VPN unforce it by adding your IP back.


Keep in mind that if your computer ever goes to sleep or you turn it off it automatically unforces it and adds the default entry back. So be careful.

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