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What does simultaneous connections mean?

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I noticed that TorGuard offers 5x simultaneous connections for their services, which I would assume means they offer for TorGuard Proxy as well.


What I am interested in is understanding what this means, or how it works, for TorGuard Proxy.


Does this mean that I can be connected to the proxy service from 5 different IP addresses?

Does this mean that a total number of logins limited to 5 and if so does that limit uTorrent to only 5 connections total?

Does each Torrent take up a login -- even if all of them are being managed from the same client?



My goal for understanding how this works is so that I can run two uTorrent clients simultaneously so that one client can run on my HTPC/Plex Box and another can run on my laptop that I use from different locations.  I just don't understand fully how this would effect my connections though.



Any explanation and clarification would greatly be appreciated.

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In other words :


1. mobile phone.

1. tablet.

1. laptop.

1. desktop.

1. dedicated toilet pc "the pc real mean have in the toilet :P " <- Al Bundy still uses newspapers :D


all devices are on at the same time and all 5 connections are used up so if you need an extra device connected then you can buy more connection slots or disconnect one of the above devices.

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