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Bittorrent Download Speeds so slow

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When I wasn't using a VPN or proxy my average dowload speeds on Bittorrent was averaging 1.2MB-1.5MB per second.  Since buying the VPN Pro with Torguard I am average 115kb per second, if I am lucky to even get the download to start.  I have tried all the "Bittorrent Optimized" servers, what a joke, and followed every setup guide on this site and still no change.  Tech support isn't any help.  Anyone know and can explain how the hell I fix this before I cancel my subscription.  Thanks.

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Yeah I am new to this and alot of what you said is foreign to me.  I connected to that server in Viscosity and now my torrent speed is 21kb/s.

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What's your location? Is that possible, you give me remote access, so I take a look what I can do for you, say, through Team Viewer?


Here is a screenshot, as you can see speed is 5,28 Mb/s with a server I described.




Try this server address - You should also forward-open bittorrent ports for incoming connectivity for full bittorrent speeds, open ticket here - https://torguard.net/supporttickets.php - for that.

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Hi, did you tried Viscosity? I didn't have any problem currently with it in speeds. There are 4-6 Mb/s at original line connection speed 50 Mbit/s while I am in Kazakhstan, Almaty. Also torrents is purely good.


Firstly, you should make sure you're found VPN-service provider with wide bandwidth like Leaseweb one for example, its "Germany -Frankfurt" connection in the list in Viscosity.


Catch IPs (strictly speaking, just one IP) belonging to Leaseweb, and then directly use it in Address field instead "frank.gr.torguardvpnaccess.com", here are you can forward ports for bittorrenting to this fixed address with tickets to Support Desk.




They say they have a bandwidth capacity of 5.0 Tbps.


Then you can take a look at settings of connection in Viscosity.








There is some recommendations for mssfix in 1300 but mine just "mssfix 0".


Also you can put ....


sndbuf 393216

rcvbuf 393216

push "sndbuf 393216"

push "rcvbuf 393216"


.... for some improvements, if any.

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