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Am I Using Torguard Right?

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Hi Everyone!


So, I have signed up for the Anonymous VPN service. I am running the Torguard Windows application and my IP has successfully been "changed" to the one from Torguad. (I checked with ip address websites.)


I am also running utorrent. I assume that since the Torguard client is running on my computer, that utorrent is also using that same information (in other words it is using the fake ip). Is this a correct assumption?


Is there a need/benefit to use the proxy settings on utorrent?


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To my knowledge you are doing it right. Theoretically if your IP address has been verified to be changed when you check it with IP verification websites such as " whatismyip " then I would assume any traffic including Bittorrent would be routed to the new IP address(s).

If you really want to see 100% you could find a torrent with 1 or 2 seeds only and then join the swarm and see if your IP shows up. Do you know how to view the swarm ? As for if you need to change your settings, I don't think so but I would also enjoy an answer to this from someone with some technical expertise on this subject, as I am curious about this particular subject as well.

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i use proxy on top of VPN for extra layer of security

if you got cash laying around get it

if not, go with VPN only


if you got serious cash laying around, get the vpn, proxy and the router


i plan on getting the router next

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