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fixxing dns leak from ipleak

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jimmy j j

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jimmy j j

Hello. While using both torguard lite and viscosity on the website ipleak.net I still get dns leaks. In a post a month or so ago the mention changing the dns to use a static one that is provided. I dont see a way to change it through both appliacations. Would I have to change it though windows and if I do, while I am not using a VPN will that affect anything.


Also I am using firefrox and have changed the setting that allows for the RTC leak

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While im not using Viscosty, I had the same issue last week. I ended up having to change my DNS, like you mentioned, to the static IPs provided via TorGuard. Just access your NIC adapter settings and change the IPv4 to static and input the DNS IPs. I had to change both my main ethernet/wifi device settings and also the  TorGuard virtual adapter. It should not affect anything (other than using a secure DNS) while you're not using the VPN client. If it does turn out to be an issue, go back in and change to it DHCP DNS.

I tested this in a domain enviroment (work) and have found that every night the DNS releases/renews it lease of each client (my pc).. ill lose my mapped network drives due to my PC not using the DNS server at my work. All i do to fix it is punch in my works DNS and run a ipconfig /flushdns and they pop back up, and then i change my DNS back to TorGuards.

Hope this helped,

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jimmy j j

To anyone still wondering about this, i use torguard lite and changing my dns by doing:

network and sharing center -> change adapter settings  -> clicking proporties on your connection -> ipv4 and then manually entering and


Doing the steps mentioned above worked for me.

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