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IP Address/Location when connecting to some servers is different than the selected region

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So I usually connect to the Singapore server because I get great speeds using that, but sometimes it gives me a different ip address and my location says I'm in Utah. This also happens when using the Asia optimized US server which usually gives me Santa Ana CA, it sometimes puts me on LA.


I was wondering exactly why this happens, and I guess, in the case of the Singapore profile connecting me to Utah, my speeds won't be as good since I'm connecting to a farther server?


And in the case of using the Asia optimized server in Santa Ana CA, if I get connected to LA am I still using an optimized route or not anymore?


I can usually disconnect and just try again, but just wondering why that happens exactly. My real purpose for using the VPN is mainly just to appear as coming from a different region (to unblock services like Netflix) and avoid traffic shaping and stuff from my ISP. But I would still like to get the best connection possible so I'd love to know what exactly is happening.



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Hello there - some TorGuard IP's may map back to Utah or other locations and some Map back to the correct location but this is only in the geo locational databases, the routes etc are all the same, we just don't have control over those databases.



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