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Torrent Proxy killing utorrent download speeds

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Hi, I am new to using the torrent proxy.  Have set it up correctly in utorrent and tested it and all works fine - except when I begin to download.  My usual download speed is 2 - 3 mb/s, with the proxy on I"m crawling to 1.3mb/s at best and usually way, way less.  It seems very erratic.  Sometimes it stalls completely.  Is this to be expected?


- using proxy.torguard.org on port 1090


- when proxy is on, Incoming TCP port has "Connection Status:Not connectable"  If this matters?


Any help greatly appreciated !!!

Thank you~~



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thanks got it working using the below 


Hi, finally I managed to get things work stable, using ABauer method. Here is what I've done :
1) uninstall Kaspersky antivirus
2) using â€‹Kaspersky remover utility , select KTS 2015 (2 versions proposed) then another turn for 2016. Please note that this step erases every information like antispam collection, licensing info etc.)
3) reboot
4) uninstall TAP-windows
5) optionnaly, I uninstalled every program that could interfere or filter over my network connections (here, Hagel DU meter 7.09)
6) reboot
7) reinstall fresh KIS 2016 (not KTS bescause it wasn't proposed for my language yet) - at this point, I let it work on '30 days evaluation period) - update bases...
8) reinstall OpenVPN / TAP-windows last version. No problem encountered.
Here I checked if VPN connection was sustainable, with no loose DNS /routing like before.
9) reinstall third-party programs
10) re-enter Kaspersky license info (for KTS), and let KIS convert itself to the right version (very short process btw)

No problem encountered so far, and it works like a charm, indeed.
As a matter of fact, there is no trace left of the infamous "Kaspersky antivirus NDIS 6 driver" in any of my network connections properties.
I can only suppose it was removal-tool major effect.

I hope this whole ticket will help any fellow with trouble installing OpenVPN. Antivirus and Firewalls (any brand) are definitely something to double-check when encountering weird problems using VPN.

Thx again everyone for the team work !

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