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OpenVPN for Asus DSL-AC68U?

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Hi all,


I just bought a Asus DSL-AC68U and I just bought a subscription to this VPN to try out.  I am trying to connect through the vanilla (and very limited) VPN option in this router.  I enter in my username and password, upload the TorGuard.ovpn file and I get a message saying "Complete, Lack of Certificate Authority" which is fine, I upload the ca.crt file.  Message changes to "complete", I click okay and try to connect.  It doesn't connect and I check the log and get error message:


Mar 28 00:11:33 openvpn[2350]: Cannot load CA certificate file ca.crt: error:0906D064:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:bad base64 decode
Mar 28 00:11:33 openvpn[2350]: Exiting due to fatal error


I googled the first error code and some posts have suggested it is to do with enter carriages, so I have played around with the file in Word (with pargraph mode on so I can see all the mark up), but deleting the carriages does nothing.  I just get a new error but it is basically the same thing, which is can't load the ca file.


Has anyone able to connect to TorGuard VPN with the ASUS DSL-AC68U through the router?  I can connect fine with OpenVPN software, haven't tried the TorGuard software.  Ideally I would like to connect through the router so I don't have to install the software on all my devices (2 pcs, laptop, 2 smart phones).


I did find a post about it for PIA ( https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/forum/discussion/3522/openvpn-for-asus-dsl-ac68u) but that doesn't seem to apply for this as the file setup is different (i.e. there is the certificate in the .ovpn file for TorGuard but not for PIA).  I might try this now, deleting the certificate from the .ovpn file and add 3 lines to the bottom and see how that goes.  But otherwise not sure what to do?


Thanks in advance,



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OpenVPN has a lot of overhead and that limits its speed dramatically. 


On top of that a router SoC is nowhere capable of processing the speeds that Torguard provisions on its wireguard network. 


I would suggest only using Torguard's client locally or using a server that utilized Wireguard. 


On my gigabit connection I am seeing maximum 100 Mbps overhead for wireguard. 

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