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Proxy seems to be working, torrents show seeders and swarm info but won't download

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Hi There

I'm a new user and I'm having issues. I've followed the directions for setting up and I think I have it mostly correct. 

My OS is windows 7

I'm using Vuze as my torrent software.


When I run the check my torrent IP I get 

failure: success and an ip address that is not my home one. so I assume that its working.


But then when I try to download a torrent, any torrent, they won't download. They just sit at 0% I can see the seeders and all of that. 

Did I miss something? I've gone as far as setting my DNS. Still no change.

Thanks in advance.


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Got the same situation mate :(

I joined up for the VPN originally to use stream sites, but the speed was too slow. 

I thought it was my own lack of knowledge to blame and so decided to buy the Anon Proxy as well.

Then Im reading in the instructions to set this up with Vuze on Windows(7) that I can bind it to the VPN so that if the connection breaks during the night it will stop downloading and not leave me exposed.

So I followed the instructions to setup Vuze, writting down the eth4 part that showed the ip address Tor VPN has and 20 minutes later its still not downloading :(

Im kind of lost now and some customer service would be nice, but its now Friday night so Im betting Im not going to get any lol. :)

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Its not just the proxy that is important for good downloading. you may need to change some settings to get the most out of it. Originally my downloads were slow and very poor, watching some youtube setting tutorials i sped up massively. Using a good port, port forwarding my router, and customising some others.

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