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Torguard Lite V TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity) V vanilla Viscosity

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Mornin' All,


I've been trying to decide whether to use "Torguard Lite", "TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity)" or "vanilla Viscosity", and I've roadtested them all on my Windows 7 system. I thought someone out there may be interested in my observations, and / or may like to comment or correct any misunderstandings I have.


"Torguard Lite" Likes: The GUI, the speed of connection / disconnection / it's ability to show preferred Torrent servers.
"Torguard Lite" Dislikes: DNS Servers seem to be 'fixed' to point to Google's regardless of system or router settings. Also it doesn't seem to reset Network Interfaces on Disconnect, which if I stop using the VPN, causes me problems accessing website or getting email until Windows is restarted.  

"TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity)" Likes: GUI is ugly but gives more options such as picking your DNS Servers, and generally more "twiddleability" than Torguard Lite. Can reset Network Interfaces on Disconnect.
"TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity)" Dislikes: Seems to be based on an older iteration of vanilla unbranded Viscosity, and I generally prefer my software to be the latest non-beta for security reasons. Slower connection / disconnection than Torguard Lite. Doesn't show preferred Torrent servers.

"vanilla Viscosity" Likes: Bang up to date. DNS server flexibilty, twiddleability, ability to reset Network Interfaces on Disconnect.
"vanilla Viscosity" Dislikes: It costs money although to be fair, it's not a lot! But you'll need to copy the "TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity)" connections. Slower connection / disconnection than Torguard Lite. Doesn't show preferred Torrent servers.

So my current choice is "vanilla Viscosity" for Windows.


But, if the nice people at Torguard can get Torguard Lite to allow a DNS server choice, and reset the Network Interface on Disconnect, that would be the perfect option, at least for me!




If you are a Linux user, an Ubuntu / "Torguard Lite" pairing doesn't seem to suffer from the two deal breaking drawbacks of the Windows / "TorGuard Lite" pairing, and is all I need on my Ubuntu systems.


I hope this is of some use to somebody, and please be gentle with me if I've misunderstood anything - I'm a relative noob at VPN's, having started using Torguard only a few weeks ago. With that in mind, if any TorGuard staff could advise me if I've come to any dumb conclusions, please do. I'm at the bottom of a learning curve and more than willing to be corrected / educated.









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