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I have a couple of questions.

I'm using TG with Viscosity on OS X.


I discovered that TG trough Viscosity (on the fly) set DNS. Google Public DNS.


I can change the DNS settings within Viscosity server preferences. Great!

- Does TG always set on the fly Google Public DNS?


I read in the documentation you mentioned "Static DNS".

- When we change DNS for Google Public DNS / OPEN DNS / .... ; Is that what you call "Static DNS"?


We can read everywhere DNS "last miles" may not be secured...

- Using TG + Viscosity + "Static DNS" ; Is that needed to use DNScrypt (http://dnscrypt.org/) or something similar?

- Yes? No? Why?


- What will be the benefit of using your SmartDNS offer instead of staying with Google or Open DNS?


We can read a lot on DNS and how to find the best DNS (primary / secondary / ...) (namebench / DNS Benchmark)

- Can you provide help / tips on how to set / chose the best?


- Is there a way to "Switch IP On The Fly"?


- Is there a way to "Chain" connections?

- If yes how?


Thank you in advance for your answers.





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