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Encrption & Cloud back up

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Ace Mcool

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I have been checking out about cloud & encryption options, seems that encryption at the Computer level (end user) is a must for any privacy at all. 


Those who encrypt at the cloud level are at the mercy of the provider as to what is going to be peaked at or even handed over if a warrant/legal request is made.


while i think my own data is of little interest to anyone but myself, I would like to know if there are recommendations for encrypting software, and or provider(s) of cloud storage which allow end user encryption or what not.




"just because your parnoid doesn't mean you don't have enemies" ;)

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For cloud storage, such as google drive, dropbox and MS OneDrive, i personally choose to go with Boxcryptor. 

Its not too expensive, works well with a variety of Cloud storage providers and even has browser and mobile support.


In all fairness i havent really tried others, i did some basic research and it looked like this one met my needs so i went with it, probably close to 2 years now, and i have been happy.


Here is my personal referal link if you decide to sign up, im not sure i get anything in return, but figured i would share it just in case.



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