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VPN Issues

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Hello all, 


2 questions (I'm on Mac OS X 10.10.2):


  1. If I use TorGuard VPN Lite and run a DNS leak test, its failing and displaying my own ISP info. If I use Viscosity is all ok, why is this? I thought TorGuard didn't allow DNS leaks?
  2. TorGuard VPN Lite pulled through all the VPN connections whereas Viscosity doesn't, I had to manually load them up. What can stop them automatically loading up?

Any help would be great to see where I'm going wrong here!


Thank you  :)

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Hi Bourne


1) Sometimes the vpn is unable to do what it needs to do if you have similar vpn apps installed, you can however fix this issue permanently by setting yourself some static DNS >> https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=125


2) There is a small issue with this that we know of and will be fixed shortly, open up the viscosity image, double click the app within the image, close viscosity, close the image and then run TorGuard Viscosity from the applications folder, they should now appear and update fine.



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