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Confused about torrenting with a VPN

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Hello, Yes I am still fairly new at this so I shall thank you all for your patience in advance.


I am in Australia, running Windows 7. I have set up uTorrent to the socks5 proxy.torguard.org as per the knowledge base article. However, when I try downloading torrents there are no connections what so ever. So my questions are:


Now that the proxy is set up, do I sill have to connect to the VPN prior to downloading torrents, selecting a server that is Bittorrent Optimised. Or, do I not have to connect to the VPN and the Proxy will handle it all? (if the latter is the case, than to be connected to a VPN and torrent at the same time, do I need to disable the proxy?)


Is there any other steps I need to carry out other than those listed in the knowledge base article to allow for torrent traffic?


Your help is all greatly appreciated.


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Hello Stevo 


You should be able to use one or the other but i wouldn’t recommend using both together it can create even more problems.


While using the socks5 proxy, try the below steps:


1) Make sure your machine uses static DNS (Outside your ISP)


2) Try all available ports 1080/1085/1090


While using VPN, make sure:


1) You have removed the socks5 proxy


2) You are using a torrent enabled location.


Also make sure you are using the correct user/pass, both billing and service login details are different.



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