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Torguard vs AirVPN vs PureVPN vs CyberGhost vs ibVPN

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Some results over the past few days comparing the UDP Open VPN's for the following providers








Ran torrent speed tests as well as using Speedtest.net.  And no, I’m not affiliated with Torguard whatsoever.  I just happen to have one of the fastest speeds available in Canada measured at 327.54Mbps down / 21.70Mbps up   (42943kb/s down and  2713kb/s up. )




So I decided to find the fastest torrent VPN available for my location in Canada


Here are the results.




Without question, these guys were the absolute worse.  Both the torrent stats and Speedtest results were just horrible.  Downloading a well seeded file would average 2500kb/s regardless of time of day and it never broke the 3000kb/s barrier.  The Speedtest results were also unimpressive.





21.37Mbps is just 5% of my full bandwidth with VPN turned off.





Really wish many of the VPN review sites that say PureVPN is the best for Torrents would update their info because this is no longer the case.  Earlier this year they pretty much banned or seriously throttled torrents on all their servers except for a small handful.  Despite this, they still performed a lot better than CyberGhost.  Still, torrent speeds were really sluggish rarely going beyond 10000kb/s.  Speedtest.net was slighter better too, but not by much.






Torrent speed averaged between 4500kb/s to 6000kb/s.  Only saw it go over 7000kb/s once during testing.  Thought I imagined it because it never happened again during the testing.






Torrent speeds averaged between 15000kb/s to 19000kb/s and on the rare occasion, broke the 20000kb/s mark.







Torguard VPN was the only service out of the five I tested that broke the 30000kb/s barrier @ 31282kb/s or 250Mbps.  Mind you, it only did it three times during my testing and I was fortunate enough to catch it on video.  But for the most part, the speed hovered in the 25000kb/s range.






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