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XBOX360 downloads get inter- and corrupted

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My account is set to US region and buying items only works when VPN is enabled, but once I started downloading the purchased item from the US store the download loads a few percent, let's say 4-5% of 6GiB and then somehow is interrupted after an average of ~15min.


I suspect Microsoft of having a list of Torguard VPN-servers and a background daemon running, which checks back on VPN addresses at regular intervals.


There are lots of threads of other users reporting this issue I'm having which appears to be the exact same one, only using different VPN providers than Torguard. The problem is always the same: Even if the download somehow (e.g. starting download with US VPN and letting it run with regular IP) gets finished to 100%, the data shows up with a yellow exclamation mark as 'corrupted'.


If this issue cannot be resolved somehow, I don't see a future for Torguard on my end anymore, as the sense of it got lost then.


(Oh I also used the LA Stealth Server to prevent DPI but it didn't work..)

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Hello there - are you connecting to TorGuard via TG Viscosity or TG Lite ? when downloading large files there could be many other reasons for the downloading to freeze, if your connected to vpn in the first place then the stealth servers are working fine, have you tested with other protocols such as PPTP/L2TP or even SSTP ?



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