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PC coverage good enough?

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Right after I purchased torguard I installed it on my dd-wrt router and used Transmission to download torrents, it was working good but there was times it was slowing down my internet connection, and since all my devices were being affected I decided to just put in on one PC, since I had utorrent on it anyway.  


However, one thing I didn't think of was is the PC install only good enough? I got thinking this because when I checked my new ip address on one of the checking sites, it was also showing my normal isp address (as well as my VPN one), which my router still has. If outsiders still see my router address then am I still traceable?


I may go back to putting it on the router and using transmission, but utorrent on the PC was working great and I really only want the one device hidden, not all of them. 


thanks in advance



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Hi Glen


OpenVPN is still a bit heavy for DD-WRT,  depending on the router specs, CPU mainly it can vary a lot, if you only want your PC secured then use on the PC only as you are doing.


Which site did you check your IP ? it should only show the VPN IP on your PC when connected.


If your connected to vpn through the PC you are using for torrent traffic then no nothing will leak.



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