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Why would someone use a VPN located in their own country?

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If you live in a country where privacy isn't known to be respected, why would someone use a VPN located there? For example, if I live in Saudi Arabia why would I use a VPN located in that country if privacy was a major concern? What sense does it make to host servers in countries that have oppressive tendencies?

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A lot of people in and out of this country (And other countries) just want to stream content they can't watch through there regular ISP, these vpn servers are locked down that only us have access to them and as always we log absolutely nothing, they are as safe as any other vpn server we have.



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I used the Saudi Arabia VPN the other day and got to see their blocked page.  It was fun.  I was surprised though since I also used a VPN in Turkey when I was with another VPN provider and never had any sites blocked during the time when they were banning sites like Twitter and Youtube.  Maybe Turkey was just using a simple DNS hack at the time.  Anyway, it's fun to see what's blocked in KSA.  Pretty wild that their transparent proxy even affects VPNs located there though.  Hardcore.

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as said, I just don't like my "mail" so to speak being read without making the pricks work for it ;)


Also If (at this time) I have reasonable speed going to a local VPN IP,  depending on where else I would use one it would slow quite a bit,  But I am a torrent downloader more then anything, and I try to keep my ratio fair to others. 



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