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Stealth VPN

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Can anybody recommend a good site to read up on Stealth VPN.


If Im not behind restrictive firewalls would it be better to use normal VPN as Ive noticed when using Stealth the PUBLIC IP is my current actual IP address from the ISP, can that be seen at remote sites when using Stealth?



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Further to my last question, would still like some info on Stealth VPN...But I have just tried with Canada Stealth and that was giving me a Public IP for Canada....but the Netherlands Amsterdam Stealth WAS giving me a PUBLIC IP of my local address BUT now it seems ok and is giving me a PUBLIC IP from Amsterdam, so looks ok now

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Hello Zebedee


Stealth Aes 256Bit in Canada is regular VPN with a higher than normal encryption - Stealth in LA/UK and NL uses methods to bypass DPI and certain firewalls, this is only available in TG Lite, the Viscosity stealth connection has the higher than normal encryption but no DPI tweaks.


SSTP is another protocol we use that is very good at bypassing firewalls in workplces and uni's etc


Hope you understand.




Edit: Just to add if at any point you se Public IP as your regular IP, close it and do below:


Please right click on the little computer screen next to your clock and click "Open Network and Sharing Center” then go to >> Change Adapter Settings >> Right click on the TAP-Windows-Adapter-V9 and click Disable >> Then enable it right away again and retry your VPN connection.

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