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Yosemite VPN Client and Viscosity problems

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Anyone else experiencing issues with Yosemite and PPTP and L2TP connections?


My wifi uses DCHP which seems to be a common fix on google, but still not connecting for me.


I have some old Canadian server that still connects using the numerical IP as opposed to the load balanced but the other servers using the load balanced simply will not work.


In the same vein, viscosity is acting strange, I only get half of the servers showing up, from France onwards, i.e. nothing from countries beginning A-F.


Similarly, occasionally viscosity will stop responding. I have to force quit using activity monitor and restart it. Slightly frustrating.


I am using the torguard lite app for the moment but it's not ideal. A form of auto-reconnect would be perfect, or a kill switch!


I expect the Yosemite problem is a bug with the OS rather than Torguards problem - therefore, how can I fix Viscosity?


That's a lot of problems... Hope someone can help!!


Thank you

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I haven’t noticed any issues with using the built in pptp or l2tp client, its possible you need to set some static DNS to use the hostnames.


In regards to Viscosity, please try reinstall over the top of the version you have, most people who have upgraded just needed to do this to get it working ok again.


In regards to TG Lite, all these features are coming and soon :)



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