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Problems accessing blocked sites

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I'm using the TorGuard light client (not Viscosity) in China, and I'm still having trouble accessing blocked sites like Facebook and Youtube. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, or if it's happening to others. The client shows that I'm connected, and I can verify my spoofed IP using my browser.


My understanding is that if I use the TorGuard VPN service to connect to Hong Kong, or somewhere in the United States, I can bypass China's firewall to access other sites. My operating system is OSX Mavericks, and yes, I have cleared my browser cache and restarted my computer. Help?

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Sometimes, my connection to different servers stops completely. This seems to happen more with some servers than others.


I'd really like to keep using TorGuard, but if these problems persist, I'm going to have to switch because my work depends on it.

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