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TAP Driver & DNS

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I was having problems with Windows TAP driver, TG Lite & OpenVPN was not actually hiding my true IP. After some trouble shooting I figured out it was the TAP driver. I have no idea how many days I have been surfing without actually being behind a VPN. My new homepage is dnsleaktest.com so I am 100% sure when I open my browser what my IP is.


I submitted a ticket to support about the problem, the must of miss read my ticket. They sent me a link to securing my DNS. The guide still uses Google's DNS settings. TG needs to read their support tickets closer and update their guides. There is absolutely no reason TG should still recommend Google's DNS servers when TG has their own!


I love TG but you must update your guides for all OS's and services. Do not get behind on your tech support.

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Hi Denny, you are always best to check your IP via a site such as iplocation.net but always clear browser caches first.


Was the TAP driver installed - what was the problem ?


You can use any DNS you wish, google DNS/OpenDNS or ours or any others, google DNS is pretty much the fastest around, our DNS will not be as fast as googles though.



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I have no idea. I am running Win 8.1 & I have no idea why it stopped working correctly. I installed an optional update and that’s when I started having problems. I un installed the update and reinstalled all the clients. I thought it fixes the problem but I still am randomly having the clients not protect my real IP. Sometimes just by logging out of the client then logging back in fixes the problem.


I run Linus VM and have had no issues. If I continue to have issues with Windows, I will re submit a ticket.

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