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How to access Modem Admin page when connected via Viscosity (SOLVED)

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My LAN is on 192.168.1.xxx subnet and my Router (WAN port) accesses my ISP's modem on, which is also how I admin that modem using a browser.


But with Viscosity running, my computer can no longer access my modem at; the TorGuard/Viscosity Virtual Adapter appears to somehow "hijack" my PC's LAN IP to another subnet i.e. 10.8.0.xxx.


My computer can still comm with other PCs on the 192.168.1.xxx subnet but for some reason access to is cut-off. Does anyone know why this is, and are there any ways to fix it so I can see my modem's admin page even while connected to TorGuard?

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I stumbled-across the solution, which honestly I'd never seen or heard of before. Go to Network & Sharing Center and click on Change Adapter settings on the left. Ctrl-click on each of: TorGuard (Viscosity Virtual Adapter) and your home LAN interface (mine is labeled GbE (Realtek LAN adapter). Now, with both of these selected, right-click on either and select Bridge Connections.


After a moment is created a new Network Bridge adapter and with these two bridged I can now access my modem's Admin interface again.


Maybe this is "tribal knowledge" already but it surely is new to me--hope this helps someone else...



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