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Just wondering what how everyone else is doing on speeds.


Not sure if something isn't configured right but I have a "15mb" cable connection on download. The reason for the quotes is I have never achieved 15mb, but probably 8-9 at the most when not going through my vpn dd-wrt router.


Regardless, with my torguard vpn service I have tried some Canadian and Netherlands locations and the most I have ever seen was 2.4mb. With Canadian, the most I have seen is about 1.5.


Is this about right? I figured it would be a little faster but perhaps I was mistaken.


Thanks for any info or help you all give.



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TorGuard Admin

Hi ambax,


I would say you'd be able to hit 5 - 6 depending on where the VPN is located and how fast the server is..


Try connecting to the Canada 10 - 15 servers for torrents, and for streaming using some of the new US-LA servers.. On the LA servers I'm getting 30mb download speeds as I write this.


Here's a good place to test your speed:




What kind of router are you using to connect to the OpenVPN server?

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I will try my router setup again. I actually downloaded the torguard client and it is a lot faster. I am receiving around 15mbs down.


My router is a Linksys WRT54G and I wasn't seeing nearly the speeds I am now seeing going through the client and my factory dlink router.


Also, sorry about the late post....been running with the client and been happy!!

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