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Cant stay connected anymore

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I recently am unable to stay connected to any servers for any amount of time.

If I connect to a Dallas server, I'll have to attempt it more than once, and then when I'm connected, eventually the connection will drop.


If I connect to a Miami server, the same thing happens.

OK, I can kind of deal with that.


But the problem is, is that Torguard eventually takes out my LAN connection, leaving me with the Inverted Yield sign with the "!" in it, and when I run Troubleshooting on it, Microsoft Throubleshooter will tell me that my computer can't connect to the DNS service.


I unplug my modem for 30 seconds, plug it back in, I get the same "!", and Troubleshooter tells me I have no IP to connect to.


I'm forced to make sure Torguard doesn't start when booting up, and reboot the computer, I've uninstalled Togruard because it keeps dropping the connect (when it eventually connects), and ruins my actual network connection if I decide to exit Torguard.


And why are te only option I have with these almost daily "Connection Update" notifications is to say "YES" INstall Now, or "NO" Install Later.


Because it seems like this last update of connections is the ones that caused all of my connection issues.


Also, this website is extremely slow...

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Hey, can you submit a ticket to support desk and request a team viewer session - i think it would be best getting a member of staff to login and have a look for you.


The disconnects are certainly not normal.




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