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VPN uTorrent Configuration

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Windows 7 Ultimate x64

uTorrent (build 32239)

TorGuard VPN 1.0.0(1050)


I am wondering if there is an issue with how my uTorrent is configured. I had the Setup Guide uTorrent provided auto configure my torrent client but my uploads seem slow and it will only seed 1 or 2 torrents while I am connected to my closest server (Los Angeles). Is there a trick to setup uTorrent in a more appropriate way to maximize uploading/downloading?

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Make sure your uTorrent is setup to allow a lot of connections.


Set Bandwidth to allow a Max Upload rate that will utilize most/all of your connection's speed.

Set Global maximum connections to something like 300.

Set Max number of connected peers per torrent: to something like 50.

Number of upload slots per torrent to something like 8.


Since you are using a VPN, you don't need to worry about incoming or outgoing encryption because your VPN connection is already encrypted. Set the BitTorrent Outgoing Protocol Encryption to Enabled, and check the box for Allow incoming legacy connections.


In Queueing, Set Max number of active torrents to something like 50.

Max number of active downloads to 5 or more.

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