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PFSense Question

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I'm trying to configure PFsense to route only specific traffic/hosts over the vpn.


The tunnel comes up fine, but everything then is routed over the tunnel. I have setup some firewall rules to set the gateway as the vpn for specific hosts. With or without the rules to route traffic over the tunnel, it all goes.


Any ideas how to do this?



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Hey there


Off the top of my head,you would need to do something like below:


In VPN/OpenVPN/Client/Advanced configuration, add route-nopull, which defaults all traffic to the WAN vs the VPN


In Firewall/NAT/Outbound, use a rule for source example for interface VPNI (attached to VPN client)


In Firewall/Rules/LAN, use a rule with source example using gateway VPNI which forces that IP through the firewall


Underneath that rule, use a the standard allow rule for all traffic through (default gateway)



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1)Create an Alias, give it a name whatever you want.

2)Add IPs to the hosts you want to go out the regular ISP.

3)Create Firewall rule under LAN Tab for above.


That should do the trick.


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