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Linux vs Win7 ISP termination query

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I installed Linux Mint on a spare computer to try and learn Linux (for the umpteenth time), my work keeps me using the Windows machine the majority of the time but I did notice something very interesting concerning the downloading of torrents.


My ISP (19 years a customer,rarely threatening my bandwidth allocation) terminates my connection at the slightest use of uTorrent if I use my Win7 pc but if I use my Linux Mint pc to start loading the very same torrent, and even though the win7 pc indicates the connection had dropped and is unusable, the Linux Mint pc keeps right on downloading the torrent and I can keep surfing with it.


I signed up for the torguard service tonight and was dismayed when the connection on my win7 pc dropped again after following the setup procedure for uTorrent but I do not have a beef with the service just yet, there may be more I can learn to avoid this.


Does anyone know why Linux Mint ignores whatever kill signal my skanky ISP is sending to the Windows machine?



back to the vodka

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Hi there, there could be a million reasons for this, it might not even be your ISP. i would highly suggest you submit a ticket on our support desk ref this thread and if you want they could logon and take a look with you to see whats going on.




P.S. It might just be the Vodka heh

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